Making Memories with Christmas Light Limousine Tours

One of the most exciting aspects of Christmas is the colorful light decorations that people use to celebrate the event. Many people visit these lighted communities to watch other peoples’ work and also to spend eventful evenings with their loved ones.

To help people get the best Christmas light experience possible, many of the limousine services in Orange County offer curated tours around these lighted areas. These Christmas light limousine tours are fun and exciting activities that can be enjoyed by everyone, from children to the elderly. By using this service, tourists can experience Christmas magic while discovering various season-centered events like festivals and live music shows.

The prices of these tours can vary depending on various factors. These can include the selected vehicle type, group size, accommodations, and the area where the tour is taking place. To even further the experience you can adds features like food, beverages, and seasonal music and elevate the Christmas spirit. We have prepared a list of “10 places to spend Christmas in California” to make the process of destination choosing a little bit easier.

10 Places to Spend Christmas in California

Los Angeles

The entertainment capital of the world —LA is a great place to visit during the Christmas season. Vibrant light shows, delicious food festivals, and live musical shows are all available in this fascinating city. Hire a Los Angeles town car service and cruise around the city while exploring areas like Candy Cane Lane, and Christmas Tree Lane, and witness the famous Madison Inn Festival. If you feel like it, head towards the Hollywood Studios for a unique theme-based Christmas celebration.

San Francisco

San Francisco is also a fantastic destination for a Christmas holiday vacation. Visit places like the Union Square Ice Rink and the Great Dickens Christmas Fair and enjoy a unique shopping experience. All the nearby neighborhoods will be decked out with festive lighting that you can discover by riding through the city of San Francisco. The famous Golden Gate Park is also a good place to explore during Christmas, as you can enjoy an enchanting forest of light as well as beautiful art installations.


The capital of California is another destination to experience the Christmas festivities to the fullest. Explore a city full of colorful lights, decorated buildings, and a gorgeous waterfront with many decors that you can discover. Get the opportunity to take part in bar crawls, snow activities, shopping sprees, and live performances. Witness the Theater of Lights or participate in the Holiday Hunt to win amazing prizes to level up your holiday experience.

Marina Del Rey Boat Parade

For a truly unique experience, head to the small town of Marina Del Rey. While there, stand the chance to witness the famous Marina Del Rey Boat Parade. Grab a bite to eat and gather around the fisherman’s village to watch as over 50 colorfully decorated boats glide through the Marina. Find out what this small city has to offer as you enjoy mouthwatering seafood delicacies.


The Victorian town of Ferndale is ideal for people who prefer tranquility over the busy streets of major cities. Located between the Pacific Ocean and groves of ancient redwoods, Ferndale gets a new outlook during the Christmas season. Stroll through a peaceful town lightened up by Christmas lights and discover a new meaning to a relaxing holiday. If you feel like it, celebrate the holiday by participating in a live performance and witness the height of Ferndale’s Christmas spirit through the Lighted Tractor Parade.

Holiday Road, Calabasas

A unique immersive experience is what you can find while visiting the Holiday Road in Calabasas. Experience festive light decorations, larger-than-life installations, and an unmatched Christman atmosphere on your travels through the Holiday Road. With the massive appeal this destination has, many people tend to make it one of their stops along the way. So, it is wise to make early reservations to avoid traffic jams and long queues.

Old Pasadena

The charming historical city of Old Pasadena is also a good destination for a relaxing Christmas holiday experience. With the season, Old Pasadena tends to look more like a winter wonderland with festive events, lights, and decorations. Discover iconic landmarks and enjoy a delicious meal by participating in the Food Tasting Walking Tour. Travel around the 22-block historic town in a car service in Orange County and witness fairy lights, festive projections, and the Old Pas Christmas spirit.

Beverly Hills

For a Christmas light tour, there aren’t many places that can beat the sheer elegance of Beverly Hills. Hop on a limousine service in Orange County and travel around the Beverly Hills region to witness light displays and decorations of the top-tier quality. Stop by landmarks such as Lily Pond, Beverly Cañon, and the Farmers Market. Make sure to hop in at Rodeo Drive to do shopping and marvel at the designer boutiques and decorations that are used to brighten up the area.

Torrance’s Seaside neighborhood, Sleepy Hollow

Step into a heaven of Christmas decorations and have a truly unique experience in the seaside neighborhood of Sleepy Hollow. Cruise through the scenic streets of the area with the help of a Los Angeles town car service to get the most luxurious experience possible. This amazing seaside town celebrates Christmas by decorating its neighborhoods in a unique fashion. With these decorations, Sleepy Hollow has become a fascinating tourist attraction that draws in visitors from all over the country.


Disneyland is an entertainment paradise that draws in people of all ages from all parts of the world. The park slowly turns into a winter wonderland as Christmas draws near. All aspects of the park get decorated to match the festive season and offer a unique experience. Have a fun time with your family, try delicious food, and admire the decorations during this Christmas season.

With the holiday rush, getting in can be difficult — So, we advise you to make reservations prior to leaving for Disneyland.

Limousine Services in Orange County

Planning a Christmas Light Limo tour is something that you can achieve amazing results by putting some time into it. Since the Christmas vacation comes only once a year, dedicate your time and plan the best possible tour for you and your loved ones.

A reliable limousine service in Orange County is one of the major aspects that can affect the quality of the entire journey. You can find limo services by searching online, getting recommendations, or traversing through travel guides of the region. When selecting the Car service in Orange County to ride with, there are a few things that you should focus on, like,

  • Reputation
  • Experience
  • Available vehicle options
  • Pricing
  • Offered services
  • Offered accommodations

By traveling with a trustworthy Los Angeles town car service, you can stand to gain benefits such as

  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Accommodations
  • Chauffeured tours
  • Safety

Also, contrary to popular belief, using a limousine service in Orange County is not as expensive as one would think.

 For the price they charge, limo services offer a service of unmatched quality while doing everything possible to guarantee client satisfaction.

Once you find the right service for family holidays or romantic getaways in California, contact them and discuss the tour —For example, if you decide to travel with our Majestic VIP Limo service, we can help you determine the perfect tour path as well as the places you should visit.

Final thoughts

The best way to experience the magic of the light displays and decorations of Christmas is by going on a Christmas Light limousine tour. Visiting all the best Christmas festivities and events in California is a near-impossible task as the entire county falls into the Christmas frenzy.

So, Christmas light tours offered by the Los Angeles town car services are perfect as they help you cover more group with ease and style and enjoy magical displays of decorations. Travel around decorated neighborhoods, take part in Christmas events, and witness surreal sights all in the comfort of a luxury vehicle.

For anyone looking for a reliable limousine service in California or seeking more information about Christmas Light limousine tours, contact us. Our Majestic VIP Limos has a solid service of over a decade and is fully equipped to satisfy all your transportation needs. With our expert chauffeurs, extensive fleet, and top-notch accommodations, you can kick back, relax, and let your stress dissolve among the Christmas festivities.


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